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The Top Most Durable Commercial Roofing Materials

The roof on your commercial facility is among your most important corporate assets – without a good roof, your building and other valuables might sustain extensive damage and your operations might also be disrupted. If the decision has been made to replace the existing roof on your building, one of the most important aspects to have in mind while browsing material options is durability. To make the final choice easier for you, commercial roofing Aurora CO specialists confirm that these are some of the most durable commercial roofing materials.

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Polyvinyl chloride is a synthetic material used for many purposes and in many ways in construction. When used on roofs, PVC panels offer longevity in excess of 25 years. The material is impervious to water, resistant to fire and pests and can withstand many forms of extreme weather as well. If the solution seems attractive to you, be aware that all these great features come for a price – PVC is currently considered to be among the more expensive materials.


Metal panels and sheets have long been the most popular options for commercial roofs. Made from strong and resistant alloys, such as stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper and zinc, metal roofs can last for up to 50 years (if maintained properly, even longer) and can provide dependable protection from rain, snow, wind, UV rays and wide temperature variations.

Besides durability, metal roofing comes with another great feature: if the roof’s support structure is strong enough, the new panels can be installed on top of the existing roof, without requiring removal.

Modified Bitumen

The material is practically a more modern version of the traditional built-up roof. Modified bitumen roofs are built using sheets made from asphalt and they offer all the benefits of the building material, from superior strength, resistance to water, flexibility to resist temperature-related shifting and energy-efficiency. All these qualities make modified bitumen roofs very durable, too – you can expect your bitumen roof to last for at least 30 years without requiring you do perform any special maintenance (other than the usual, regular cleaning and inspection).


Ethylene propylene diene methylene is a synthetic rubber compound, preferred for its superior resistance to wide temperature variations as well as to the prolonged exposure to water. The material is most commonly available in two thicknesses, thinner varieties offering a lifespan of around 15 years and thicker products coming with a lifespan of up to 30 years.


Thermoplastic polyolefin is a relative newcomer on the market of roofing materials, but it is already among the most popular options due to the affordability, easy installation, efficiency and low maintenance needs of the material. TPO comes in the form of a membrane that is spread on the roof and fastened through welding or with other methods to form an extremely resistant surface that can last for about 15-20 years. TPO roofs come with very low maintenance needs as well, but like any other roof type, these roofs also need to be cleaned and inspected regularly. The most sensitive part of a TPO roof is the seams, so pay special attention to these areas when performing a roof check-up.

Superior Commercial Roofing Products for Durability

Roof membranes are products that cover commercial buildings, airports, institutions, etc. which are provided with a flat roof. The properties of the membranes have been improved greatly more recently, by inserting reinforcements added with compounds that provide them resistance to UV, long exposure to cold or to freeze-thaw cycles and to chemical attacks.

Bituminous membranes

Bituminous membranes are some of the most durable flat roof covers that have the role of preventing water leaks. Their popularity is due to the low cost, availability of materials, and ease of installation. A bituminous membrane acts as a single composite structure, but its behavior is influenced by the properties of the materials from which it is made, the surface it is applied to and the environment in which it must serve.

They are based on modified bitumen added with elasto-plastomer polymers, having a fiberglass or polyester reinforcement and are made with different finishes on the top (mineral slate, sand, aluminum foil etc.)

Where are they used?

  • Prevention of water infiltration in construction elements, roofs, terraces, foundations, basements, tunnels, etc.
  • Restoration of waterproofing on the terraces of old buildings
  • Waterproofing of new non-circulating or circulating terraces

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EPDM membranes

An EPDM membrane is the only waterproofing solution for flat roofs whose lifespan can be compared to that of the building.

An EPDM waterproofed roof has a lifespan that often reaches 50 years. It should be noted that during all this time the elasticity and durability of this material will not change significantly, not even at an elongation of over 300% and at temperatures between minus 40 and plus 130 degrees Celsius. Basically, its resistance to UV, ozone or infrared radiation is unmatched.

According to commercial roof repair Dallas contractors, these performances are well known worldwide and verified in practice and with the help of numerous independent studies. It is no coincidence that it has become the most widely used method of waterproofing flat roofs.

The EPDM membrane has proven its indisputable value in the long run. Basically, the quality-price ratio is without competition, being a financial investment that pays off quickly. Especially since almost no maintenance or additional protection is required. In the unlikely event that you need repairs, they are punctual, quick and easy to perform.

Some roofs can be insulated with a single sheet, which ensures a perfect seal. Its special elasticity means that it does not deform when the building or the ground moves.

If you opt for a green roof on your commercial building, you should know that the substrate used for plants may contain salts, fertilizers and other substances with corrosive potential. Their infiltration can pose problems to the structural integrity of the building. EPDM rubber is the safest form of waterproofing. It is highlighted as an ecologically stable material, immune to the action of numerous chemical agents.

Water is a formidable enemy for any building, in the sense that roof leaks can cause considerable damage. That is why it is very important to consider a superior material such as the EPDM membrane for your commercial roof, to keep your business protected and enjoy peace of mind for a very long time.


How Often Should I Inspect My Roof?

Most property owners, even the people who care for their building and put a significant amount of work into their property to maintain it in proper condition, tend to take their roof for granted and expect the topmost defense layer of their building to perform well without any care and attention. To be able to enjoy the protection that your roof offers to your building and your household, you need to maintain it regularly – here is how and what to include into your maintenance sessions.

The Frequency of Roof Inspections

Winter and summer are the two seasons that cause the most stress to your roof, so ideally, your regular roof maintenance sessions should be scheduled for the period right after the harsh seasons, for spring and for fall.

Your roof can also suffer damage during very severe weather events, so it is a good idea to inspect your roof after each harsh storm and after each longer rainy period.

Houston roofing contractor will perform annual inspection services

How Your Inspections Should Be Performed

Basically, there are two ways to perform roofing inspection: you can either do it on your own or you can hire a professional Houston roofing contractor to do it for you.


If you choose to perform the roof inspection yourself, you first of all need to make sure that you can perform the task safely. You need to have a sturdy and stable ladder that can be safely attached to the roof edge; you need to wear the right work protection clothes, including non-slip work shoes, a helmet and work gloves and you also need a fall arrest system to anchor yourself. If you have all these, you can climb up to the roof to do the inspection, but watch your step and don’t place your body weight where the roof seems weak.

During the roof inspection, look for faults and issues that are potential leak hazards, such as shingles that have lost their surface granules, shingles that have curling edges, are buckling or have blisters, tiles that are cracked, chipped or missing, dents in metal components that are more severe than mere cosmetic damage. Extend the inspection to roof accessories, such as the vents, flashing stripes around your skylights, your chimneys and in your roof valleys and perform a thorough check of your gutters and your downspouts as well. If you have a flat roof, look for signs of damaged seams or shrinking. Check for discolorations as well – a roof area that has changed color might be infested with algae or moss and might have already become weaker than the rest of the roof. Check for structural damage on the roof as well as in the attic – any sagging, any damaged wooden components need your attention.

What Next

All the issues, even the smallest hole or the thinnest hairline crack, need to be repaired right after they are discovered – small roofing problems have a way to aggravate unexpectedly quickly, almost overnight, so you need quick action and smaller problems are also easier and cheaper to repair than major roofing issues.

How to Hire A Trustworthy Siding Contractor

Tips To Find A Trustworthy Siding Lincoln Area  Expert

The siding on your building plays an aesthetic as well as a complex practical role – the envelope created by the siding will give your building its curb appeal, it will ensure the building’s thermal efficiency and it will protect your walls from the harmful effects of the elements. Being such an important component of the building, the siding needs not only to be chosen carefully, but to be installed professionally as well. While some types of siding can be impeccably installed by the homeowner alone or with help from some friends, if you want to make sure that your siding will perform as it should and it will be as durable as you expect it to be, you need a professional and reliable siding contractor for the job – here is how to find the best.

Find Siding Contractors in Your Area

Ask around among your friends and family whether they know a reliable siding Lincoln NE contractor and carry out some online research to find local contractors. Your online query will probably return quite a lot of results – check the contractor websites to find out about the expert’s portfolio of previous work as well as about his expertise and longevity in the business.

Create a list with the three or, even better, the five best contractors in your area, then find out their contact details, too.

Contact Potential Contractors

Call the contractors on your list or contact them by email. Tell them as much as you can about your project – to be able to provide detailed cost estimates, they will need to know the size of your walls and they will probably require information about the orientation of your building, the landscape surrounding it, the material that you want to use or your expectations in terms of appearance and performance. You can also invite the contractors to your building to help them understand your preferences better – personal contact is a great way to figure out whether the contractor inspires trust, whether you can imagine working with him and to find out the answers to your siding-related questions during a face-to-face meeting. The personal meeting is also a great opportunity to find out about the contractor’s certificates, insurances and to ask for his recommendations about the best material to use and for his opinions about the pros and cons of different material types.

Evaluate Cost Estimates

The price is a very important factor for evaluation, but it is not the only one that should determine your choice. Evaluate the cost estimates provided by the contractors you have talked to in terms of the materials to be used, the completion deadline and the warranty offered as well, then pick the contractor whose offer is the best.

Close the Deal

Cost estimates are, as the name shows, estimates, so you will need all the terms and conditions of your agreement with the siding contractor in writing, in the form of a contract. The document does not have to be a very complex document, but it needs to include all the important points of the agreement.

How To Hire A Trustworthy Residential Roofer

Tips To Hiring Trustworthy Roofing Companies

Having a strong roof on your home, a roof that can withstand any weather and can offer your household protection from heat and cold as well is essential for the safety and comfort of your home. It is a fact of life that only a good roofer can lay a good roof, so when it comes to getting a quality roof, finding the right roofer for your roofing project is just as important as the quality of the materials used for the installation. Here are some tips about finding one of the really trustworthy residential roofing companies Minneapolis supplies.

Look for Local Roofers Online

Most roofers nowadays have websites on which you can find out about their experience, their areas of expertise and about the certificates they carry. Many roofer websites include pages with images of the roofer’s previous projects and with testimonials – consult them both, they are great, useful resources.

Ask for Recommendations

You can also turn to your friends, your family and other people that you know for information about local roofers – word of mouth is still one of the best ways to obtain first-hand information.

Establish Contact

Create a list with at least five roofing contractors who seem suitable for the job and contact them. If they provide a contact form on their website, use it to request information about their service – the time they take to respond will tell you a lot about how much they care for their potential clients and their answer will also reveal a lot about their approach.

After the preliminary communication, it is a good idea to invite your potential roofers to the job site to allow them to see your building and to make measurements before they provide a cost estimate. The personal meeting will give you a great opportunity to ask the roofer about the insurances and certificates he carries as well as to ask whatever questions you may have about the roof building process, the roofing team used by the contractor and the best materials to get. Make sure to discuss the way the roofer handles extraordinary situations, such as prolonged bad weather, issues related material quality and warranty problems. If you have questions about building permits, you can ask your roofer for advice about that, too – though in most cases, the client is responsible for obtaining the necessary building permits, most roofers can help you with information in that field, too.

Get Detailed Quotes in Writing

After having to the roofers on your list, ask them to provide a detailed quote. Compare the quotes that you get in terms of the price, the deadlines and the services include and choose the one that offers the most for the most reasonable price. Invite the roofer whose estimate seems the best for a final discussion and get all the details on the cost estimate included into a written contract before the roofing work starts. The contract can be a simple one, but it needs to be signed by both parties, you, as the client and the roofer as the service provider.

Finding A Roofing Company in Dallas – Evaluate Experience and Choose Your Roofer

Finding a roofing contractor in Dallas to take care of the roofing issue you are facing is the best way to make sure you get quality services and a roof that will provide the safety and the protection you want for your home. However, roofing is a highly specialized profession and the quality of the results depends largely on the type of expertise your roofer has, so here a few details about how to find the most suitable expert.


Types of Roofers by the Materials They Handle


Various roof cladding materials require various experience and expertise, so if you are in the process of finding a local roofer, you must take into consideration the material you want to use on the roof and chose your roofer accordingly – here are the four types of experts:


  • Shinglers – these specialists carry out installation and repair works on roofs clad in shingles made from various materials including asphalt, wood, metal, composite material or plastic,
  • Metal roofers – they are the experts to turn to if you need help with the installation, repair or maintenance of metal roofs,
  • Flat roofers – they are the best if you have a project that involves single-ply roofs,
  • Hot roofers – they are experts in using roofing products based on tar.


Finding A Roofer for the Type of Project You Have


Roofing projects can be classified based on the type of building the roofing is on and based on the type of the work necessary – each roofing company has its own specific field of experience not only when it comes to the materials used, but also when it comes to these aspects. Let’s see building types first:


  • Residential roofing – these roofs are usually steep angle roofs and they have special requirements in terms of ventilation and flashing, too
  • Commercial roofs – these are usually low slope roofing systems and they require roofers to possess specialized knowledge of single-ply or BUR membranes
  • Industrial roofing – industrial facilities often have special covering such as metal or solar panels.


If you are engaged in finding a roofer in North Texas, you should pay attention to choosing the expert with the right experience for the type of your project as well:


  • Initial roofing installation and re-roofing can be best done by professionals who have experience in choosing roofing materials and who know a lot about fastening methods as well
  • Repairs are best done by experts who have an eye for even small details, who notice even the tiniest hairline cracks and who know how to address the issues found as well
  • Maintenance also requires attention to detail and knowledge of roofing materials and technologies, too.


Finding a Dallas roofing company will require you to pay attention to various different aspects, but if you do your homework well and you choose a suitable contractor, your reward will be the peace of mind that the roof over your home or over your commercial or industrial facility will protect your building, your valuables and your family as well.

Orlando Roofing Contractors – Great Experts that Have the Right Solution for Any Roofing Problem

Orlando roofing contractors provide a wide range of services that encompasses every roofing-related operation, so whatever roofing issue or roofing project you have, you can trust local contractors, they will come up with the best solution for your problems – here are the most common service types they offer.

Initial Roof Installation

Initial installation is perhaps the most important roofing procedure of them all – if a roof has been mounted properly, it will be sufficiently strong to withstand severe weather and it will last long. An improperly installed roof, on the other hand, will cause trouble from the very beginning – roof components that don’t seal properly let water penetrate underneath, causing leaks and other problems.

If you are in the process of building a new home or a commercial or industrial facility and you are looking for a local roofer, make sure you choose a contractor that specializes in the type of material you will use. Each roofing material requires a different type of experience and know-how and most roofing companies handle only a limited number of different materials.


Many old building don’t have insulated roofs and attic spaces. The complete lack of insulation or improper insulation can lead to the accumulation of moisture and cause the premature deterioration of roofs, but don’t worry, local roofers provide expert insulation services as well – they will recommend you the insulation material that best suits your property and they will also install the insulation professionally for you.

Roof Maintenance

You can turn to Orlando roofing contractors if you already have a solid roof and you want to make sure it stays solid and healthy. Maintenance procedures include roof, gutter and siding cleaning, detailed inspections and remedies for small roofing problems, such as displaced shingles. These simple operations can preserve the health of your roof and extend its life, so for a few dollars a year you can avoid costly and stressful roof repairs.

Repairs and Replacements

Orlando roofers provide professional repair services as well. Leaking or warping roofs, roofs infested with algae or fungus, cracked roofs, roofs damaged by extreme weather events such as storms or hail are quickly remedied by these knowledgeable and experienced experts. Just like in the case of initial roof installation, it is probably a good idea to call a roofer that specializes in the type of roof that you have because that is the best way to make sure you benefit from the highest level of expertise and you get the best results.

Most local roofers provide both scheduled and emergency repairs. If you need a quick fix, your roofer will quickly arrive to inspect the roof and to provide some sort of temporary solution for your roofing issue, followed by a more thorough evaluation of the situation and of the repair possibilities. The procedure is the same in the case of scheduled repairs as well, the only difference being the timeframe.

In many cases, damaged roofs cannot be repaired – they need to be partially or completely replaced. Orlando roofers can help you with these operations as well – they possess the professional knowledge to be able to assess whether the old or damaged roof can be at least partially preserved and they will come up with the best, most cost-efficient and safest repair solution.

Finding A Good Denver Roofing Company Is Not As Hard As It First Appears

Quality roofing services are very important if you own a house. Without a proper, sturdy roof, you are putting your home comfort and safety at risk. A house simply cannot function without a roof above it, which makes it the most important component when building your home. But even if a roof is sturdy when you first build your house, it can deteriorate in time. This is why it is important that you take special interest in finding a good Denver roofing company that you can trust. Fortunately, they are not all that hard to find. If you learn to remember a few essential tips when looking for a roofing contractor, you will find one in no time.

Most roofers in the area are serious and professional when it comes to this trade. However, not every Denver roofing company is made equal. Some might be better suited to your needs than others.

For instance, some contractors might be willing to work for a smaller amount of money than others, which is great news for people that are on a budget. Others will require that you pay more, but will also provide you with professional services that few can match. Some contractors are close to your location, while others might need to travel a few hours to reach your home. Proximity can be very important, because in the event of a small incident (maybe the roof deteriorates, for example) they can reach your destination quickly, study the damages and take the necessary actions. Different people want different things, therefore a potential customer should take his or her time and study the roofing market to see which contractor best suits his or her tastes.

When looking for a contractor, you should also consider a few other things as well. Take for example their overall reputation. This is a very important factor to take into account. A good reputation in an area means that particular contractor has made a lot of clients happy, therefore it is highly likely that it will be trustworthy and professional. Meanwhile, if a contractor has a bad reputation, it is mostly due to the fact that the services provided are not up to the standards of their customers.

You should also try and seek those contractors that have been around for at least a decade or so in your area. Be wary of contractors that are new to your area. While not all of them are scammers, you should at least consider this possibility. It is a common practice for unprofessional roofers to move to another town to avoid unhappy customer complaints.

To ease your search, you can also ask your neighbors, friends or family members who own a house or a commercial building which roofing contractors they chose to hire. Surely at least one of them has dealt with a contractor in the past. Using all this knowledge will make your choice easier.

Residential And Commercial Services Provided By Fayetteville Roofing Companies

Homeowners, just as well as commercial buildings owners, know that the integrity of a roof is essential for the safety of the entire building and its occupants. Fayetteville roofing companies are ready to provide residential and commercial services for clients in the area, from repairs and replacements to auxiliary services and materials designed to complement the look of a roof and give the exterior of a building a great curb appeal.

An overview of roofing services

  • New roof installation and re-roofing

Roofing companies in Northwest Arkansas can replace an old roof with a new high-quality roof system that comes with warranties from 20 to 50+ years; they can also offer their clients different options when it comes to materials, to help them put in balance price and quality.


  • Emergency services

Sometimes, roofing problems go unnoticed and building owners will not know they have a problem until it is too late. Many roofing companies provide roof repairs on demand and emergency services precisely to help clients who need their roof fixed quickly. In some of the cases, these services include giving clients a price over the phone instead of making them wait for an inspection and an estimate


  • New installation of seamless gutters and gutters cleaning

Gutters are surface water collection channels specific for roofs; their purpose is to collect rainwater and direct it away from the building and its foundation. An improper gutter system allows the formation of puddles on the ground all around the building and also allows water to damage its foundation. The new generations of gutters are seamless, typically made from aluminum, screwed-in instead of nailed, to provide durability. They do not corrode or rust, they will not pull away from the roof and they can also be made to match any roof length.

Leaves, twigs and other debris may accumulate in the gutters system and clog it, causing rainwater to overflow and infiltrate under the shingles; this is why roofing specialists always include gutter cleaning in their maintenance services.


  • Underground French drainage systems

Building owners who do not like the idea of having a gutter system may opt instead for French drains; many roofing companies are equipped to install such systems under the yard, under concrete drives and sidewalks, that will keep water away from the building`s foundation


  • Roof inspection and maintenance


  • Services to enhance a building’s curb appeal: siding and windows replacement, skylights


  • Energy efficient solutions

Fayetteville roofing companies are ready to offer a variety of options to lower the energy bills: different materials and cool roof surfaces, stone coated steel roofs, retrofitting the roof using heat reflective materials, building a green roof, using solar shingles and panels that can be mounted on the roof

In order to benefit from roofing services provided by specialists, building owners must contact a roofing contractor and allow the experts to come on site, inspect the roof and detect the problems. Once all the information has been collected, the specialists will present the available options.

Looking For The Best Roofing Shingles For Canton Michigan Homes

If you are looking for the best roofing materials for your house, you can stop right there. You just found it! We are talking about shingles. We know that there are a lot of skeptics when it comes to this type of roofing material, but we can assure you that things have changed in the last 10 years. The quality of this roofing material has since evolved and is offering homeowners new benefits that they would usually get from more expensive ones.

The most common roofing shingle is the asphalt shingle. They can still be seen all over houses from the suburbs. Homeowners installed them because they were the cheapest roofing material on the market. For some, that choice proved to be an expensive one in time. But how would you like to benefit from the same type of material, at the same price, but better quality? Sounds good, right?

For those interested, even the best roofing shingles for Michigan have improved. Their texture has proven to be stronger than the old ones. These new shingles have a mixture of fiber glass within them, providing more resistance to extreme weather like frost, hailstorms and high temperatures. They are a bit more expensive, but they do come with a bigger warrantee provided by the manufacturer itself. You will no longer have to worry about replacing shingles every year. This new product has been tested in extreme conditions, and new owners are more than satisfied with what they have received.

Although there are a lot of people that prefer asphalt shingles, there are others that like matching their houses and the roof. For instance, those that want a more rustic look are looking to install wood shingles. This type of roofing material is a lot more sensitive given the characteristics of wood itself. They cannot be too thick and, in most cases, these need to be changed every 5 years in order to avoid roof leaks and other similar problems. Like we said, everything has changed, and so have wood roofing shingles. The small pieces of wood are treated with special chemicals and varnishes in order to seal them up entirely. This way, you will not have to worry about pests or weather deterioration. They will resist in extreme conditions and will last you up to 15 years.

Oh, and there is something interesting that just hit the roofing Canton MI market. It is something new and innovative. Something that every homeowner will want installed. Roofers have come up with carbon fiber shingles. These is the latest trend on the roofing market right now, but these materials are a bit pricy. They have been designed to withstand all types of extreme weather and thy come with a 20 years’ warrantee. This explains the high price. More and more homeowners are interested in this type of roofing material, and roofing contractors are swamped with all the orders they are receiving. Now that you have seen the latest and best roofing shingles for Michigan, it is time you made up your mind on what you will be installing on your roof.