Superior Commercial Roofing Products for Durability

Roof membranes are products that cover commercial buildings, airports, institutions, etc. which are provided with a flat roof. The properties of the membranes have been improved greatly more recently, by inserting reinforcements added with compounds that provide them resistance to UV, long exposure to cold or to freeze-thaw cycles and to chemical attacks.

Bituminous membranes

Bituminous membranes are some of the most durable flat roof covers that have the role of preventing water leaks. Their popularity is due to the low cost, availability of materials, and ease of installation. A bituminous membrane acts as a single composite structure, but its behavior is influenced by the properties of the materials from which it is made, the surface it is applied to and the environment in which it must serve.

They are based on modified bitumen added with elasto-plastomer polymers, having a fiberglass or polyester reinforcement and are made with different finishes on the top (mineral slate, sand, aluminum foil etc.)

Where are they used?

  • Prevention of water infiltration in construction elements, roofs, terraces, foundations, basements, tunnels, etc.
  • Restoration of waterproofing on the terraces of old buildings
  • Waterproofing of new non-circulating or circulating terraces

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EPDM membranes

An EPDM membrane is the only waterproofing solution for flat roofs whose lifespan can be compared to that of the building.

An EPDM waterproofed roof has a lifespan that often reaches 50 years. It should be noted that during all this time the elasticity and durability of this material will not change significantly, not even at an elongation of over 300% and at temperatures between minus 40 and plus 130 degrees Celsius. Basically, its resistance to UV, ozone or infrared radiation is unmatched.

According to commercial roof repair Dallas contractors, these performances are well known worldwide and verified in practice and with the help of numerous independent studies. It is no coincidence that it has become the most widely used method of waterproofing flat roofs.

The EPDM membrane has proven its indisputable value in the long run. Basically, the quality-price ratio is without competition, being a financial investment that pays off quickly. Especially since almost no maintenance or additional protection is required. In the unlikely event that you need repairs, they are punctual, quick and easy to perform.

Some roofs can be insulated with a single sheet, which ensures a perfect seal. Its special elasticity means that it does not deform when the building or the ground moves.

If you opt for a green roof on your commercial building, you should know that the substrate used for plants may contain salts, fertilizers and other substances with corrosive potential. Their infiltration can pose problems to the structural integrity of the building. EPDM rubber is the safest form of waterproofing. It is highlighted as an ecologically stable material, immune to the action of numerous chemical agents.

Water is a formidable enemy for any building, in the sense that roof leaks can cause considerable damage. That is why it is very important to consider a superior material such as the EPDM membrane for your commercial roof, to keep your business protected and enjoy peace of mind for a very long time.