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Aubrey roofing services

When Is It Time To Call An Aubrey Roofing Company?

If you are wondering when is the right time to call an Aubrey roofing company, you must know, first of all, what are the signs indicating certain problems with your roof that need to be resolved. You should not wait too much, because the damage could be significant. You must periodically observe what is happening with your roof, so as not to be taken by surprise and experience indoor discomfort and costly repairs.

A damaged roof can lead to many problems in the rest of the house, such as infiltrations that, over time, may even affect the resistance structure of the building.

Aubrey roofing services

Here are the signs that it is time to call experienced Aubrey roofing services to repair your roof:

Moisture and mold

Moisture in the roof structure can be the result of condensation caused by variations in temperature and humid air coming from inside the building and through the ceiling. Lack of roof ventilation will inevitably lead to condensation and mold. Efficient ventilation of the roof prevents the accumulation of heat and moisture as well as the formation of mold. Roof ventilation is the simple process of ensuring the free movement of air through its structure.

Water leaks

Water leaks through the roof may cause expensive damage, as they can lead to the destruction of thermal insulation, loss of thermal properties, structural damage of the roof, damage to the roof cover, as well as damage inside the house.

Therefore, if you notice leaks on the walls of the upper rooms, or in the attic, it is a clear sign that your roof needs repairs. The causes may be related to low quality roofing materials, or damage caused by severe weather conditions.

Cracking paint on the ceiling/ walls

There are several causes that lead to cracks appearing on the ceiling, the most common being a high level of humidity in the cold season, or the wear and tear of the roof which allows water infiltrations. As soon as you notice cracking paint on the ceiling or on the interior walls, it is necessary to check up your roof before performing the repairs.

You may also notice cracked paint on the exterior walls; in this case, the roof is, once again, most likely to blame. There may be undetected water leaks, damaged gutters or inadequate ventilation.

Missing/damaged tiles or shingles

The wind can be the biggest enemy of the roof, no matter the materials it is made of: ceramic tiles, metal shingles, slate etc. To make sure that the roof is solid and able to withstand various weather phenomena, but also to avoid other inconveniences, check if the tiles are properly fixed, and the screw holes do not allow water to seep in.

High energy bill

When electricity bills start to go up, but the higher energy consumption does not reflect better indoor thermal comfort, it is advisable to check your roof. The attic may be poor ventilated, which in turn may cause the home’s heating and cooling systems to function more to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.