What to Look for When Hiring A Multi-Family Roofing Contractor

Roofing work on residential buildings can be challenging, especially if it involves a multi-family property. The first challenge that the owners of multi-family properties are faced with is finding the right the roofer for the project – the contractor hired for the job will need to make sure that the special requirements of multi-family environments are met and the work performed also needs to be of the highest quality. Finding such a great roofer is not easy, but not impossible either – here is what to look for while you are trying to find the perfect contractor for your multi-family roofing project.

Experience in Handling Multi-Family Projects

Try to find a contractor who has previously worked on multi-family properties, that way you can be sure that your roofer will be familiar with the special requirements that come with such projects, such as minimizing the disruption that the residents need to endure or increased attention to safety. You can start your search online, looking for roofers who provide information related to their experience in the field and ask for references and proof of successfully accomplished previous projects when you meet the roofer in person.

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Licensing and Insurance

Make sure that the Orlando roofer you hire is licensed to legally provide roofing services in your state. When you interview roofers that seem suitable for your project, ask for proof of the licenses and insurance policies carried by the roofers and also take the time to check the documents.


The internet is a great source of information when you are checking the reputation of local Orlando roofers as well. Check review sites for the ratings received by local roofers and the forums where people share their opinions about the services they have received – if there are any complaints about roofers that you are evaluating, you will surely find out.

The Service Range

Ideally, the roofer that you hire provides roof installation, roof repair, roof maintenance and emergency roofing services as well – that way, you will be able to rely on your roofer for any type of roofing work. While interviewing roofers, find out whether they include all these services into their range and also ask about their processes in place to keep track of the different roofs they are in charge of. A good, experienced commercial roofing Orlando professional has a rigorous tracking system and data base in place to ensure that no maintenance deadline is ever missed and that all the necessary repairs are performed in a timely and efficient manner. Ask the roofers about their ways of handling emergencies as well – fixing any emergencies as quickly as possible is of increased importance in the case of residential applications.


After you have discussed the details of the roofing services needed for your multi-family property, ask the roofers that you interview to provide written cost estimates, then compare and evaluate each estimate in terms of warranties, prices, the quality of the materials to be used and the deadlines proposed for each type of work. Make your final decision based not only on the price – quality-related aspects are just as important. Sign a contract with the roofer that you pick – the process of looking for a suitable roofer us complete only when the contract is signed by you as well as by the roofer.