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Why Metal Roofing Is Such A Solid Choice

Metal roofing systems are gaining popularity throughout the nation, the material being the go-to choice for any type of building in any climate region. Here are some qualities that make metal such an excellent, solid solution for any application.

Durability and Resistance to the Elements

One of the qualities that make metal roofing such a great choice is the long lifespan offered by the material, many metal roofing products being warranted for around 50 years. If you choose metal for your next roof, you can be sure that you will not need to replace the structure for the next decades.

Metal is also a very resilient material, able to withstand extreme weather events. The alloys that metal roofing materials are made from are either very resistant to rust and corrosion or they are rust-proof, which makes metal roofing panels and shingles suitable for humid climates. Metal systems are also able to hold up the weight of snow, they can stand up to wide temperature variations and strong UV radiation. A metal roofing Lafayette professional installer says that most metal roofing products are Class-A fire-rated, non-combustible materials, perfect for fire-prone areas, such as for applications located near forests. Some metal systems come with high wind-resistance classifications as well.

Metal is a material that cannot be harmed by pests either, therefore the solution is suitable for regions where termite and wasp infestations are a common threat.

metal roofing Lafayette

A Wide Variety of Styles

Aesthetic appeal is among the most important aspects that building owners consider when choosing their roofing material. Metal is a great choice from that point of view as well – the material comes in the form of large panels, smaller tiles, shakes or of shingles, in standing seam varieties, with standing seams or with concealed seams. The range of the colors and finishes available is also very wide and includes glossy and matte variants, classic colors, such as terracotta or brown, as well as much bolder color variations, including shades of blue, green, red, even black and white.

An Eco-Friendly Option

Metal roofing materials are completely recyclable, which makes them a great option for any environment-conscious building owner.

Metal roofs also protect the natural environment by reducing the energy needs of the building that they are installed on. The components treated with reflective coatings absorb much less of the sun’s heat than non-reflective roofing solutions, which means that these reflective materials transfer less heat towards the building interior than more conventional materials.

Low Maintenance Needs

Metal roofing systems need very little of the owner’s attention. Like any roofing system, metal roofs also need to be cleaned and inspected twice a year, in spring and in fall, and the roof faults revealed during the inspection need to be addressed right away. However, the process of cleaning, inspecting and repairing metal roofs is a straightforward and easy – it mostly involves the removal of dust, dirt, dead leaves, branches and feathers that accumulate on any type of roofing and the faults that will be identified during the inspections are likely to be minor and only cosmetic in nature.